A Little about me...

Hi, I'm Joe Starbuck and I'm a London-based photographer specialising in Product, Fashion and Commercial Advertising.

When I was at collage student I worked mainly with oil paints, I enjoyed working with a medium which, even when left for several days, I would come back and still be able to manipulate the paint. However by the time I reached University I put down the paint brushes and picked up the camera and swapped canvases for darkrooms. On reflection, all these years later, I feel those two disciplines were never that far apart, I believe practice, patience and an attention to detail are vital attributes to being a still life photographer and ultimately influenced my decision to become one.

I'm a passionate, highly motivated and enthusiastic person which I believe really comes out in my work, I enjoy nothing more than seeing a project through from concept to completion and thrive on meeting and working with new people. 

I retouch all of my own work and would consider myself a very competent retoucher and so I am available for any such work. Please feel free to contact me for my rates. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss any potential projects or for availability and rates.


+44 (0) 7508 063 634